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Tutorial: Edit your auditions in a snap

Jerry shows how to speed up the audition editing process by using visual cues to identify edit points. Read the full post...

Tutorial: Multitrack editing software

Jerry shows how to speed up the audition process by using a multitrack recorder and editor. It allows you to create preset tracks with various filter effects and mic inputs, so you don’t need to change any settings while you’re auditioning. Read the full post...

Tutorial: Video editing software

Take a look at how Jerry uses video editing software like Final Cut Pro to streamline the process of breaking up a long narration track into smaller files. This technique is very useful for training and eLearning projects, telephone and IVR prompts, or any project where you need to save a whole bunch of small audio files. The best part is, if you have to make changes down the road, this technique will save you tons of time.
Jerry uses Final Cut Pro as his editing tool, but any video editing software that allows you to make multiple sequences and batch export them should work just as well. Read the full post...

Pay to play Part 3: Are they for you?

Who cares if Jerry makes money on pay to play audition sites...can you? Find out whether P2P sites are right for you. Read the full post...

Gear Review - GretchKen sound booth

It’s been almost a year since Jerry purchased a custom sound booth for his new home studio. See what went into ordering and installing it. Read the full post...

Pay to play Part 2: Pros and cons

In Part 2 of his three part series, Jerry takes a look at the pros and cons of pay to play audition sites. Read the full post...

Pay to play Part 1: How they work

Wondering if you should sign up for a pay to play voice audition site? They’re a major player in the industry today, and a big part of Jerry’s business. In this three part blog post, you’ll see what Jerry thinks of these sites, and whether they might be right for you. Read the full post...

A Marketer's Dream - Media 6 Degrees

Jerry narrated the welcome film for the home page of Media6Degrees, an international company that provides data services to marketing firms.

Click the image above to visit their home page, where you can see the film.

Exercise your exercise!

Want to improve your narration career? Hit the pool! (Don’t actually hit it, that’s just an expression, you should get in it and swim around.)

Hear The Blogcast

Running Time - 2:39 Read the full post...

Think and hire local

Jerry is the voice for a new Wyoming effort encouraging residents to shop locally and hire local workers. The campaign was created by Ball Advertising Group, in association with 307 First.

Click the image above to see the Local Multiplier spot on YouTube.